Do-It Yourself Kit

Takes just 10 minutes to protect your vehicle!


Our customers continually express amazement at both the sharp image and the ease of installation. In fact most people who have seen VINGUARD® think that it was installed on the assembly line.

Here's an example of what our customers say:

June 17 2003

Hello, I got your product in the mail and applied it to my car. It came out great and you saved me $200.00. I cant believe they charge so much for that. It was so easy to apply and It looks better than what they had. The numbers are easy to see.. I am very pleased. Thanks again !

Mike / New Jersey

May 17 2007

Just used your VIN etching kit on my two vehicles.  The results are SUPERB.    Although I've always etched the windows on all my vehicles, this is the first time I've used your kit.  It's in a league by itself.  You have a customer for life.


William / Navarre, Florida

Now we want to show you how easy it will be to use your VINGUARD ® Do-It Yourself Kit.

1. Peel the yellow vinyl stencils off the backing sheet. 2. Place the stencils on the outside of each window of your vehicle, with the sticky side against the glass.



3. Suggested etching locations are; front window, back window, side windows, and vent windows. 4. Dip the applicator into the etching cream and spread lightly over the stencil, covering all the numbers.

5. After the cream has been applied, leave the stencil on the glass for three to five minutes. Then one at a time using plenty of water, wash the cream off and remove the stencil.. 6. Place the security decals on the inside of the driver's and passenger's side windows. And your vehicle will be protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for life.

BONUS:   VINGUARD ®  Police TraceableTM UV VINPRINT ® Body Panel Labels

In addition to marking all the windows of your vehicle, our kit includes a special Police Traceable Ultra Violet Body Panel Identification System.  This system allows you to permanently embed a UV VINPRINT ® into 6 of the painted  Body Panel parts of your vehicle.



Installation is a simple three step process and takes less then 5 minutes.

1. Select 6 of the painted body panel parts such as the hood, trunk and doors.  
2. Make sure the painted parts are completely clean and dry.
3. Affix the Police Traceable Ultra Violet VINPRINT® labels to the select parts and the installation is completed.  

After 3-6 months the UV
VINPRINT® is permanently absorbed into the paint and is traceable by police even if the labels are removed using a UV Black Light.

Your VINGUARD® Do-It Yourself Kit will arrive complete with:

1 Bottle of  specially formulated automotive window glass etch cream with brush cap applicator.

12 Customized VIN Stencils.  (Put the extra stencils in your glove box for future use on replaced windows due to rock chips etc..)


2 VINGUARD® Window Warning Decals



6 Customized VINPRINT® Ultra Violet Body Panel Labels

2 Cleaning Sponges

1 Cleaning Sponge

1 Cleaning Sponge

2 Rubber Gloves

1 Rubber Glove

1 Rubber Glove


1 Insurance Discount Request


NOTE: Detailed instructions are included with your kit.

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VIN Etching Proven Auto Theft Protection - Protect your vehicle with a VIN etch kit today!

VIN Etching which is also known as VIN etch or window etching or glass etching, is the permanent etching of the federally registered vehicle identification number (VIN) into all the major glass areas of a vehicle (also know as a car truck Sport Utility Vehicle or a van ). Once your vehicle is protected by VIN etch it is protected against VIN switching which is known as identity theft for cars.

Cars trucks Sport Utility Vehicles and vans are stolen by professional thieves for either resale or for parts. VIN Etching (also known as VINetch or VINetching) effectively deters the theft of a vehicle for resale because it is very costly to alter its VIN because all of the vehicles window glass must be replaced. In addition the buyers of stolen vehicles will not risk getting caught with VIN etch etched cars or trucks because the VIN etched window glass can become physical evidence in court linking them to the original crime. Theft of a vehicle with VIN etching by a chop shop for parts is also deterred because the thief would not want all of your vehicles glass around the chop shop with the VIN etched evidence on it. Most people do not even notice the VIN etch on the windows but police and the thieves know right where to look. Thieves simply  move onto a vehicle which has not been protected with VIN Etching.

There is no doubt that VIN etching (VINetching or VINetch) really does deter auto theft. VIN etching is recommended by law enforcement agencies and insurance companies throughout the United States as an effective auto theft deterrent.