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New York NEWSDAY (May 11,1993) reported details of a test program, started in September 1992. Authorities etched some 600 vehicles, in the highest crime area of New York City. Nine months later, not one VIN-ETCHED vehicle was report stolen!.

"We (recommend) having the vehicle identification number etched on windows."
ABC "Day One," February 16, 1995

(Referring to window etching technology) "If your vehicle is stolen, it can easily be identified, assisting police in its recovery."

"Police say that one of the most cost effective security steps is having a number etched on each window."
Wall Street Journal

"(no thief) wants one of the (etched) pieces on his property because you can trace the numbers to a hot car, and that could lead to a shutdown of the operation and jail time."
State Farm Insurance

ALLSTATE : "Many forces drive auto theft upward. Foremost is profit. The willingness of unscrupulous auto body repair shops to use stolen parts... is a major factor driving the auto theft market". They recommend etching as "this makes components difficult to sell and can provide valuable evidence". 

Warwick, Rhode Island Police Study etched approximately 8,000 vehicles and reduced the theft rate by 99%.

National Car Rental Systems etched approximately 2,500 trucks and reduced the theft rate by 96%.

Truck Renting & Leasing Association etched approximately 2,500 trucks and reduced the theft rate by 95%.

Auto Club of Michigan (AAA) etched approximately 35,000 vehicles and reduced the theft rate by 99%.

Kentucky State Police etched approximately 50,000 vehicles and reduced the theft rate by 98%.

Ohio Motorist Association (AAA) etched approximately 6,000 vehicles and reduced the theft rate by 96%.

A Travelers Insurance Company study of 7,600 cars etched showed a 64% drop in theft and at the same time the recovery rate was 85% verses 33%

The Hanover Insurance Company etching program has gone from a 50% recovery rate before implementation, to over a 90% recovery rate since implementing this program.

In a three year study, Kentucky State Police etched over 125,000 vehicles. Only three of these marked vehicles were stolen. Two of them were recovered the same day undamaged. The net loss in this study was one car! According to statistics, the net loss should have been almost 800 vehicles.

A Connecticut company etched over 225,000 vehicles over a five year period and only 57 vehicles were declared a total loss due to theft. This represents an incredible 2 1/2 % loss ratio.

Connecticut is so convinced of etching's effectiveness after its extensive testing, that it passed legislation requiring all new car dealerships to offer Window Etching with each new car sale.

After seeing the success of the program in Connecticut, many states REQUIRE a discount to an insured's rates for etching.

On the Ophrah Winfrey and Geraldo Rivera shows, a nationally known security expert stated that vehicle security etching was a more effective means for theft recovery of stolen vehicles than "Lo-Jack".

Etching takes the profit out of a stolen car, as it costs between $2,000 to $4,000 to replace the windows. A typical professional thief will therefore pass up the etched vehicle and steal an un-etched vehicle instead! Remember, to him vehicle theft is a business! Chop shops won't buy marked vehicles stolen by an amateur or careless "pro" because one marked part can shut down their multi-million dollar business.

Thieves simply will not steal a vehicle they can't sell!