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VIN Etching Proven Auto Theft Protection - Protect your vehicle with a VIN etch kit today!

VIN Etching which is also known as VIN etch or window etching or glass etching, is the permanent etching of the federally registered vehicle identification number (VIN) into all the major glass areas of a vehicle (also know as a car truck Sport Utility Vehicle or a van ). Once your vehicle is protected by VIN etch it is protected against VIN switching which is known as identity theft for cars.

Cars trucks Sport Utility Vehicles and vans are stolen by professional thieves for either resale or for parts. VIN Etching (also known as VINetch or VINetching) effectively deters the theft of a vehicle for resale because it is very costly to alter its VIN because all of the vehicles window glass must be replaced. In addition the buyers of stolen vehicles will not risk getting caught with VIN etch etched cars or trucks because the VIN etched window glass can become physical evidence in court linking them to the original crime. Theft of a vehicle with VIN etching by a chop shop for parts is also deterred because the thief would not want all of your vehicles glass around the chop shop with the VIN etched evidence on it. Most people do not even notice the VIN etch on the windows but police and the thieves know right where to look. Thieves simply  move onto a vehicle which has not been protected with VIN Etching.

There is no doubt that VIN etching (VINetching or VINetch) really does deter auto theft. VIN etching is recommended by law enforcement agencies and insurance companies throughout the United States as an effective auto theft deterrent. In fact there are laws in Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Washington that make it mandatory for insurance discounts on cars with VIN etched windows. Many insurance companies in states that have not been forced to provide insurance discounts for VINetching have already started to give discounts to policyholders that have VIN etch protected vehicles because VIN etching is such an effective deterrent and can prevent auto theft.